Diagnostic Services

We provide a diagnostic service for Australian medical practitioners, pathologists, and medical microbiologists. However, most of our tests are referred from other pathology providers.  Were medical practitioners would like us to perform specific tests, request slips must stipulate "Please forward to the ARRL for (insert diagnostic test requested) studies". We bulk bill when we can but this is usually not possible as several tests are requested.  Please contact the laboratory directly for a quotation.  Please keep in mind that our laboratory is not for profit and charging for these tests is the only way we can keep providing our services. Please send specimens either via your normal pathology provider or directly to the Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory at University Hospital Geelong, Ryrie St, Geelong Victoria.  In order for us to perform the tests on specimens, patients must agree to our terms and conditions.  Our laboratory welcomes feedback from both service providers and patients as part of our ongoing effort to provide a professional and proficient NATA accredited diagnostic service.  

Diagnostic Tests Performed

The main purpose of our laboratory is to offer testing for pathogens that can be transmitted by arthropod vectors including ticks, fleas and mites.  We also are interested in neglected diseases for which there is a medical interest but no available diagnostic assay.